Purdon Wagyu Angus Beef

Cattle - Purdon Wagyu Angus Beef

Nestled high in the mountains of the Eastern Cape is a piece of paradise called Glenfinlas, an area rich in biodiversity with high rainfall water resources where grass grows in abundance. Glenfinlas has also been home to the Purdon family for the last century.

VJ Angus stud was established on Glenfinlas farm in 1982 and has grown to be the biggest in the country, supplying genetics far and wide. The stud has received numerous awards that are testament to its standing and integrity within the industry – the best recognition being the SA Studbook Studbreeder of the year in 2010.

With the Angus breed having been the only cattle bred solely for beef from the beginning, the emphasis has always been on meat quality. The massive gene pool of the Angus worldwide allows for accurate selection, and the branded Angus Beef programme, followed in 17 countries, makes it an ideal choice for meat excellence. Lately, Japanese Wagyu genetics have been added to the breeding programme.

The Wagyu cattle, with their heavy marbling and the Angus to bulk them up, complement each other. A percentage of the cattle will be bred up to pure Wagyu in time.

As passionate foodies, the Purdons understand the concept of fine dining and the importance of top grade meat from conception to consumer. In order to serve restaurant guests the best beef possible, it has to be bred and raised in the best way possible – from the beginning.

We have been breeding Angus for 35 years and selecting for meat quality. We have been breeding Wagyus for 12 years – Doing AI using bulls from Australia and the US – and selecting very marbled bulls. The Wagyu Angus cross is good because they complement each other and Angus is essentially a beef animal and adds bulk to the Wagyu.

The calves are weaned at 7 months. Start feeding at yearling for 600 days – so are slaughtered at 30 to 40 months. They are run on open fescue pasture with a supplement of Hominy chop and minerals. They are not given any antibiotics, growth stimulants or animal by-products. Carcasses are between 400 and 500kg on the hook and slaughter out at 60%.

The Wagyu Cattle

100% Wagyu – all ancestors are traced back to animals in Japan

F1 – 50% Wagyu 50% Angus
F2 – 75% Wagyu 25% Angus
F3 – 87% Wagyu
F4 – Called Pure Bred and considered as such
Full Blood – 100% Wagyu – all ancestors are traced back to animals in Japan.

At this stage we are slaughtering mainly F2. Fat marble score about 6.

How to cook a Wagyu Beef Burger